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How to do a home facial:


Home facials are recommended once a week.   

If you can get to a salon... then a salon facial is ideal every 4-6 weeks in addition to home facials.

Here are the simple steps in performing your own facial at home:

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Also need:

  • bowl of warm water
  • face washers
  • sponges (ideally) or cotton pads
  • tissues and/or cotton balls
  • eye mask or cucumber slices



  1. Wet face with warm water and cleanse  (use sponges if available).
  2. It's best to double-cleanse - particularly if you were wearing make-up
  3. Apply exfoliant... and massage gently in a circular motion.  If you have sensitive skin, mix the exfoliant with some cleanser.  Don't forget to gently exfoliate the under-eye area.  Remove all traces of exfoliant with water and sponges/cotton pads.
  4. With a bowl of very warm water (not boiling!)... soak a face washer and apply to your face.  The heat from the face washer is like a steaming action - it softens your skin and 'opens' your pores.  Please DON"T put your face over a bowl of steaming (boiling) water.  This will result in broken capillaries!   If you have red cheeks or broken capillaries - it is best to avoid heating this area up.  So apply the face washer in all areas other then the cheeks.
  5. We do not recommend extracting pimples/blackheads... but we know that some people just can't help themselves.  So if you must... this is the time to do it.  Cover your fingers with tissues.  Gently push blackheads from under the skin.  Do NOT put too much pressure on your skin.  If the blackhead or pimple is not ready to come out gently - then don't force it!  You will just make a mess of your skin.
  6. Apply toner to your face
  7. Apply the mask, avoiding the eye area.  Our masks have active ingredients from the Dead Sea... so they may tingle a little when applied.  This is normal.  If it irritates though, remove the mask.  Leave the mask on for 5-15 minutes.  Ideally you should lie down and relax!  But, there is nothing to say you can't be doing the dishes, vacuuming or a load of washing on.
  8. While the mask is on... it's nice to have an eye mask (small wheat bags) or cucumber slices on your eyes (yes... cucumbers do reduce puffiness!).  Alternatively, soak cotton balls with some toner and place those over your eyes. 
  9. Also while your mask is on... relax and massage your hands (or get someone else to do it if you can!!)
  10. When removing the mask, make sure you get the crevices around your nose, your ears and under your chin.
  11. Apply toner to your face to remove any traces of mask.
  12. Apply eye cream, then serum, then moisturiser.....  massaging them all slowly into your skin.



If you have any questions... please email:  info@deadsea.com.au


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