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Time To Clear
Cleansing with Dead Sea ingredients is the ideal start for purifying the skin, activating its metabolism and preparing it for deeper treatment

Time To Hydrate
Achieving a balanced level of consistent moisture is essential for maintaining healthy skin.  Dead Sea minerals play a crucial role in helping skin cells to retain moisture at optimal levels.

Time To Smooth
Nourishing the skin with Dead Sea mineral formulations smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles and softens the complexion for a more even and balanced tone.

Time To Revitalize
You need to go to extremes in order to strike balance.  AHAVA developed a formula for effectively improving the signs of ageing in mature skin from the lowest point on earth (Dead Sea) to the highest Peaks (Himalayas).

Mineral Radiance
Pollution is the hidden beauty threat, causing dull, tired-looking skin and premature aging.  Strengthen your skin's defences and bring back vitality and radiance back to the skin. 

Beauty Before Age
Formulated to lift sagging skin, specially created for women aged 50+.
See results in just 2 weeks!

Apple of Sodom
Fight the signs of aging with our Apple of Sodom skin care collection, featuring age fighting ingredients that, combined with our patented Osmoter™, diminish the signs of aging

Even Tone & Radiance & special masks

Osmoter™ Range
AHAVA's Osmoter™ is the most important mineral technology to come from AHAVA's laboratory.  This concentrated Dead Sea water extract contains the most essential minerals for supporting the skins functions.


AHAVA has found the key to addressing the skin care needs of a man.  Our exclusive skin care line is uniquely formulated with mineral-rich ingredients harvested from the Dead Sea region.

Dead Sea Water
Dead Sea Water is exceptionally rich in skin-healthy minerals that activate the skin's metabolism, helping to keep it healthy, supple and well hydrated.


Dead Sea Mud
The unique black mud found on the shores of the Dead Sea contains an extremely high concentration of minerals, scientifically proven to be essential in the maintenance of healthy skin.

Dead Sea Salt
Rich in healthy minerals, Dead Sea salt works deep to soothe and relax tired muscles, restart the skin's metabolism, and smooth away roughness for a softer feeling.


Dead Sea Plants
Extracts of plants that grow in the Dead Sea region have been used for thousands of years by local residents to hydrate, soothe and nourish damaged or irritated skin.

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