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Fake Tan Tips

As it starts getting warmer, we start to bring out our Summer outfits... and start to bare our "winter skin" (which is usually quite pale!).  
Fake tan is an excellent way to get a skin glow - without damaging and ageing your skin (like sun & solarium's do). 
After years of owning a day spa - here are my tips for perfecting the fake tan:
  • Exfoliate your body for DAYS before you apply tan.  
  • MOISTURISE your skin twice a day - to ensure your body is smooth and moist.  You don't want any dead skin cells which leaves an uneven patchy look.  Try to avoid frangranced body creams/lotions.  Essential oils will strip away fake tan.
  • If applying fake tan yourself - put Vaseline on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet.  And wear gloves as well.  When you have finished... remove the gloves, but apply a bit of tan to the upper parts of your hands.  Nothing is worse then tanned palms & soles (dead give-away that the tan is 'fake').
  • You can mix some fake tan in with your facial moisturiser to give your face a 'glow' - which is not too harsh.  You can continue to do this daily, as the face is the place where fake tan fades the fastest.
  • Do not wear jewellery, deodorant, perfume or make-up when applying fake tan.  And avoid the perfume for at least 8-12 hours after you apply tan  (the alcohol in the perfume can  make tan go patchy)
  • After your tan has set - ensure that you be extra vigilant with moisturising your body (to retain a smooth, even colour - again, avoid frangranced creams, particularly essential oils).   Continue to use washes/shower creams.... and drink lots of water to hydrate your body. 


  • Avoid long baths, and try not to swim for long periods once your tan has set.


  • Remember that Fake Tan does not contain SPF... so it does not protect you from the burning sun.  Always apply SPF when you are outdoors!


  • When you want to remove the last traces of tan... have a warm bath/shower and use an old towel or hand towel and exfoliate your skin with a Body Exfoliant and rub over with the old towel.


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