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Teenage skin problems


As if teenagers don't have enough to worry about - their skin breaks out and they just want to hide. 

One major misconception about 'problem skin' is that people assume it must be oily.  Often - it's the opposite.  Just think... most teens don't moisturize, they then apply alcohol based products to "dry out" the pimples... and this results in really dry skin - which is working overtime to try to replenish itself!  Often the pores are blocked up with dead skin cells... and the natural sebum just can't break through.... leading to pimples and blackheads.  So... how to resolve this?  

Firstly - Ban alcohol based products!  And anything with Benzoyl Peroxide.

The skin needs to be cleansed with a pH balanced, gentle cleanser... that suits the skin type.  Dead Sea Source have a huge range of cleansing products.  A good one is the AHAVA Refreshing Cleansing Gel (for all skin types).  If the skin is genuinely oily - the FRESH LOOK Purifying Mineral (liquid) soap is a good choice (this is pH balanced!).   Boys often like to use soap.... and Ahava soaps are pH balanced.  So chose from the Purifying Mud Soap (for oily skin) or Mineral Salt Soap (for all skin types).   Toning is not really necessary as a teenager.  They need a simple regime.   Just ensure the face is washed well with water after cleansing.

Next step is exfoliation.  Those pores need to be clear!  Exfoliating helps removes blackheads and dead skin cells (which can cause skin congestion ie: pimples!).  I recommend exfoliating 1-2 days a week for 'regular' breakouts.... and 3-4 times a week for congested skin.   The Ahava exfoliator is a tube, which can be kept in the shower (no excuse to use it then!).   The Fresh Look Facial Bio Peeling is another good exfoliator.

Finally moisturizing!   Yes.... teenagers NEED to moisturize.  Don't think that moisturizers are going to "add oil" to the skin.  For example... Ahava has the Essential Day Moisturiser for Combination skin (it's oil free!).   If the skin is particularly oily... then go for the Anna Lotan A Clear Skin Balancer, or the Anna Lotan Barbados Delicate Oily Skin Balm.  The Fresh Look Rebalance cream gel is a lightweight product made to 'balance' the skin.

Ideally moisturize twice a day (morning and night) after cleansing.  But once a day (mornings) would be sufficient when they are young.

My prophesy is to keep teenage skin routines as simple as possible - particularly if they are boys.   But, there are some other products that will really help to clear the skin.  I'll list them here:

Toner - Toners will balance the skin, refine pores and prepare the skin for moisturising.   Anna Lotan have the Barbados Oilk problem skin toner if the skin is particularly oily or problematic.
Serums- This is like a multi-vitamin for skin.  It heals, it clears, it balances.  A couple of drops applied under moisturizer - a few times a week will reap benefits.  The Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter concentrate would be best for young, problem skin.
Masks - applying a mud mask once a week (for 10-15 minutes) will really help clear up skin.  There are a variety of masks available.   Ahava have the Purifying Mud Mask, Fresh Look has the Stringent Mask, or the Fresh Look Local Treatment (spot treatment) mask, and H&B have the Purifying Mud mask with Aloe Vera and H&B Purifying mud mask for sensitive/oily skin.  As these masks have a high content of Dead Sea mud in them, and can be very 'active' (ie: they tingle!).  Initially masks may only be left on for 2-3 minutes... and build up to 10-15 minutes over time.  Mud masks draw out impurities from the skin and refine the pores.  The masks can also be used as spot treatments.  Apply some to the nasty spots and leave on overnight!

Other tips:

Make-up:   Even though girls want to hide the blemishes, nothing will aggrevate skin more then piling make-up on.  So, keep make-up to a minimum.  Ideally remove it as soon as you get home.  Use mineral make-up.  And ensure that you cleanse ALL of the make-up off EVERY night.  Never sleep with make-up on!

Picking pimples:   how tempting is it to squeeze those whiteheads, and push those blackheads out?  I understand!  Ideally, it's best not to pick.  But if you can't help yourself - do it properly!  Have a warm shower and cleanse & exfoliate your skin.  while your skin is still soft after the shower.... cover your fingers in tissues and GENTLY put pressure around the spots/blackheads.  If you have to press hard - then it's not ready to come out!  DON'T put excess pressure on your skin, as this can lead to scarring and breaking your skin which looks far worse then the original pimple!  NEVER pick pimples with your dirty fingers... as that just leads to cross-contamination. 

Zinc:  taking a zinc supplement can really help heal the skin.  Grab some from your chemist or health food store and take the recommended dosage.

Hair:  often teenagers try to hide their pimples with a fringe, or hair on their face.  WORST thing ever!  Hair is a huge storage of oil and bacteria.... especially if there is 'product' in the hair as well!!!   Ideally, hair should be off the face!  Sooner you can do this, sooner the skin will clear up.

Water:  drinking water really does detoxify the skin.  So if there's a choice of fizzy drink or water - please... go for the water.  Your skin will thank you! 

Avoid touching your face:   you'll be surprised how often you touch your face throughout the day.  Resting your head in your hands, scratching your nose etc.  Try to become aware of it - and avoid touching your face.

Pillow Cases:   these cotton creatures harbour heaps of bacteria!  So change them regularly.


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And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me :  info@deadsea.com.au   or phone :  1800 226 409.

I've been a fully qualified beauty therapist for 20 years... and teenage skin was one of my passions. 



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