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Well I can honestly say this is the first time I have ever left a testimonial. I have placed two orders which were received very quickly and would recommend to all. I have suffered psoriasis {red blotches} for the last 3 years on my face and have tried nearly every potion and lotion and not found anything which helped. But Dermud has helped and now I can honestly say you can hardly see the red blotches, I just wish I found it before my wedding so we could have had blotch free pictures. Thanks for a great product and service.

Thanks very much for your wonderful products. I received my order yesterday and I am delighted with the quality that Ahava products have to offer. I have used other products that claim to be derived from the Dead Sea, and not only do they cost twice as much as Ahava, but they do not compare in quality to that of Ahava. Thanks again Jodie for your quick shipment and also for the little surprises that came with my order.

I love ordering Ahava from your website because the service is so fantastic and you alway put a little extra in the order.
There is nothing better than dealing with someone who is so professional but really nice and approachable at the same time. I tell everyone I know about your site because you such a fantastic supplier.

I just received the shaving cream I ordered.  I must say that we continue to be incredibly impressed by your customer service. The mini torch was a terrific promotional item, and the speed of your service is fantastic. We never hesitate to recommend you to our friends.

Must tell you, i really like the foot product, i have had problem skin on my feet all my life, have tried endless products and would have to say this is one of the best i have used so far, hence the order for 2 !!
New Zealand
Jodie - thank you so much for your oustanding service! Your Ahava products are amazing, and they should be proud to have such a wonderful person and business representing the Ahava brand. Thanks again for the super fast delivery and personal touch to my order!
I came across this website on Monday, placed an order and it was waiting for me at home less than 24 hours later. Amazing service, wonderfully packaged with great bonus products and extras included. Fantastic pricing too. This will now be the only place I buy all of my Ahava products. Highly recommended.
I do really like the moisturisers, I've used various products over the years and I have never had the results I've had since changing to  Ahava. My skin texture and tone has improved, plus I no long experience that tight dryness or and dry "scaley" spots. I've also noticed a fading of the so called age spots.
Great results I would say.
Got my hand cream today!  Many thanks for the little samples of the body lotion and foot cream :)  it was a lovely touch to an already wonderful shopping experience.  You can count on me to be a repeat customer.
I just wanted to let you know I got my order last night – fantastic super quick delivery, and I love all my goodies.  I used my new cleanser, toner and moisturiser last night and this morning and am very happy.  My husband is feeling very left out now and wants the shaving cream, so I’ll put in an order for some tonight.  Of course, I’ll have to add another couple of things off my wish list too……   Anyway, thanks again for your fantastic service.
.... then later... when her husband got his product...
My husband LOVES the Silk Shave.  He says it’s the best shaving cream he’s ever used.  He loves the smell and says you don’t have to use too much and it doesn’t clog up the razor – he just loves it. 
It’s been a couple of weeks now since I started with the Ahava products and I’m very, very happy with them.  My skin is looking great – very clear and soft.  I’m loving it.
I use the AHAVA Sensitive Skin range 'Dermud' and it's fabulous. It's saved my poor tired and dehydrated skin this winter. I have seriously sensitive skin and the Dermud moisturises and calms! Thanks to deadsea.com.au and Jodi for being so swift in answering enquiries and sending products. You are a fabulous business person, and I'll always come back to you. THANKS!
I just wanted to tell you how seriously GOOD your Dermud Nourishing body cream is.  Have shocking dry skin & had splits on tummy & cracks on skin, plus itchy & flakey.   Drives me nuts esp. in winter.  A lot of lotions & potions sting or do no good at all, or are ok for a few hours & then I dry out again.  Yours I've put on morning & night & is great - no itches.     
I got a couple of your samples of the above from Blue Zamboo box people & have been using for last 3 or 4 days (almost used all) & has cleared it up heaps & is a great improvement.  So I have ordered one,  plus some of your other things to try too. 
Thank you for the delivery of Ahava skincare. I received the order as promised the very next day and I have now been using the product and my skin has shown a vast improvement even in the last few days.
Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service and the free gift with purchase, I could never have imagined it was going to be as good as it was, I was very surprised and delighted when I opened the bag.
I will be purchasing all of my skin care products from you from now on.
Thank you again.
I just wanted to say how fantastic this website is and your service is wonderful I can't believe how quickly I received my products. I will definitely be referring you and also using the site again
Thank you very much

I am really impressed with the service received, queries are answered quickly and at length where required. Products arrived within a couple of days from ordering. I have sensitive skin and have had no reaction with the products that were recommended for my skin. I will continue to use the product as I find them of good quality and good value for money. Thanks again for the personalised service.
I am just emailing to say that I am extremely pleased with the products I have purchased and use them religiously! My skin looks and feels so much better now that I use Dead Sea products.   I would also like to thankyou for the fast delivery and will definitely order online again!!!
Thank you
I purchased the Ahava hand cream while I was in Israel and brought back gift packs for my friends. We all love them and are pleased to find a supplier here in Melbourne. Thank You Ahava!
It is 11.30am Tuesday morning and I have just received my AHAVA order. I am so impressed - less than 24 hours after ordering on-line, I have it in my hand. Thankyou so much for your prompt service - I will definitely be using your on-line service again.
The products are still great.  I am loving it, and my skin is looking SO much better since starting it.  I haven't had eczema once since starting the Ahava products. 

thank you for your great customer service.    I thought I'd share this with you:
On Sunday I decided I'd clear out my bathroom cupboards. While doing so I gave myself a facial treatment with the products I received on Friday. (No chance for relaxation).
My partner who had no idea of what I had been up too, asked me if I was wearing make-up. "No" I replied....   it was just my nice fresh face after my facial.
I'll keep the look on his face in my memory bank.
I wear make up only when going out in the evenings or special occasions and definately not while cleaning out cupboards.
So 10 points to AHAVA.
Cheers and thank again.
Thank you for your excellent, friendly service. I'd be happy to recommend you to my friends.

I really like the mineral foot cream, it takes away the dryness, especially on the heel for me. 
Of course the dead sea salts, feel really relaxing and refreshing at the same time in a bath. 
Thanks for your products

I thought it must have been Christmas today when my parcel arrived only 24 hours after placing my order. It contained not only my order but a wonderful gift of sample products, I can't wait to try the other products as the handcream is outstanding & I have never found another handcream that is as good as this one. Thank you Jodie.


I have rarely bothered with skin care because nothing ever really made that much difference, until now! I cannot tell you what I difference your products have made to my skin - I love the Time-Line range and the Mineral Botanic has stopped my dry skin and reduced my eczema. Thank you so much for the wonderful service and the little free gifts - you have a customer for life.


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