January 4, 2012 @ 8:09 AM

As a new year rolls around, many of us decide on a resolution.  The most common resolutions are to lose weight, quit smoking, and things to do with finances. 

For me I have vowed to lose weight this year.  In the last 5 years I have been pregnant 4 times!  But no more babies for me.  It's time to take care of myself, and get into better health.  Overall, I'm pretty healthy.  I've never smoked, never done drugs, and I don't drink much.  And call me a freak, but I have never drunk tea or coffee either!  If you see my video below... you might be surprised that I am about to turn 44.  I've never had any cosmetic surgery or anything like botox etc.  It's just good skincare (Ahava for the last 15 years) avoiding the sun, and no smoking.

Now, it's never too late to take care of your skin.  And never too early!  Prevention is always best.  But with the right products, ageing can be slowed down and even reversed a little bit.  So I lay you a challenge....  how about taking extra care of your skin from now on?

Here are some suggestions:

  • wear SPF every time you go outside.  An easy way to do this is to wear a moisturiser that contains SPF (prevents ageing and potential skin cancer)
  • remove your make up every night (let your skin breath, and it will be clearer and smoother)
  • exfoliate your skin at least twice a week (remove those dead skin cells, your skin and your make up looks smoother)
  • apply eye cream at least once, ideally twice a day  (the eyes are the first place that shows ageing)
  • give yourself home facials... ideally once a week or fortnight  (nearly as good as the salon facials at a fraction of the cost)
  • start using a serum.  (Serums are a multi-vitamin for your skin... they lift and rejuvenate)
  • remove makeup before you work out.  If you absolutely can't go to the gym with a bare face - ensure you have cleanser with you, and remove as soon as you finish working out.  (sweat + makeup = impurities)
  • if you fly anywhere, apply a rich night cream on your face and rich body cream  (to counteract the dehydration from the plane)
  • don't forget your hands... particularly if you drive a lot.  Wear SPF on your hands (the sun burns through the windows)
  • hydrate your skin.  Use appropriate moisturisers, and drink lots of water  (dehydrated skin = aged skin, like a prune)
  • if you have oily/problem skin, you need to moisturise - use an oil free moisturiser (moisturising will HELP clear your skin - really!!)
  • get sleep.  (Your skin regenerates while you rest) 
  • quit the smokes.  (is there anything good about them?  they're expensive, they age you, they stink... take up deep breathing to relax)
  • take time out to relax  (yoga, meditation, baths, reading a good book....  -  a stressed out person always looks 10 years older)
  • stop using soaps that are not pH balanced  (Ahava soaps are pH balanced.... they will not dry out your skin)
  • never use a solarium/sunbed.  (enjoy the colour you are.... or use a fake tanner.... they are so good now)


Now there must be some ideas there that you can consider?  Let me know what you will do this year.   I must admit.... I'll be a bit more vigilant with a few of them myself. 

Have you got any other suggestions?

Of course, I can help you with just about any one of these ideas (except the quit smoking.... but I can encourage you with that one!). 
So feel free to email me ( info@deadsea.com.au) or phone 1800 226 409) to discuss your skin care requirements.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy new year.